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Volunteers Teaching Safe Boating!

Sarnia is located in Ontario, Canada on the border with the United States and across the Bluewater Bridge from Port Huron, Michigan.  Members of Sarnia Power and Sail Squadron boat out of the communities of Brights Grove, Camlachie, Corunna, Forest, Grand Bend, Mooretown, Petrolia, Point Edward, Port Franks, Sarnia, Wyoming, Strathroy and much of Lambton County.  Whether powerboat, sailboat, personal watercraft, jet boat or paddler, Sarnia Squadron Members are often found boating on Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair as well as the Detroit River and St. Clair River.  Others cruise to the North Channel, Georgian Bay, the Trent-Severn Waterway and Lake Ontario.  Local marine facilities to Sarnia include: Bridgeview Yachting Centre, Sarnia Bay Marina, Sarnia Yacht Club and Lake Huron Yachts.

Sarnia Squadron

Weather Centre

Boatwise Program for Kids

Course Description

Boatwise is a Resource Kit for the Program Leader that is designed to provide the essential information to help make children safer on or near the water. It is a resource guide and NOT a course. It is meant to be adapted and used to suit individual needs.

About Boatwise

  • The Structure - An Overview

  • Sample Unit Plan

  • Other Features

    • Treasure Chest - overheads, games, posters, video

    • Glossary

    • Science Links

    • References

    • Regional Information

  • Getting Started

  • Unit I

    1. Introducing the Program

    2. The Boat and its Basics

    3. The Boat and its Basics (contd.)

  • Unit II

    1. The Boat and its Basics (contd.)

    2. Operating the Boat

    3. Etiquette, Courtesies, and Rules of the Road

  • Unit III

    1. Safety Afloat: Rules of the Road, Signalling

    2. Safety Afloat: Aids to Navigation

  • Unit IV

    1. Getting Underway: Casting Off, Steering, Watching the Weather

    2. Preparing for Emergencies: Using Distress Signals, Using the radio

  •  Unit V

    • Reviewing the Program Content

    • Sharing Knowledge and Skills

    • Receiving Recognition

Hints on Using the Boatwise Program


Four Factors governing usage

  1. Age of students - preschool, kindergarten, primary to Grade 3/4

  2. Time slot - 2hrs. - 1 day - weekend - 5 2hr. sessions

  3. Types of groups - schools, Cubs, Guides, Daycare

  4. Venue - in class, at marina

Five need-to-know items for all ages

  1. Lifejackets/PFDs - must always be worn, must fit

  2. Boat drill - getting in, out safely, remain seated

  3. Use your eyes - watch out for other boats, watch the weather

  4. How to get help - arm signals, use flashlight, whistle, S.O.S.

  5. On dock, fishing - wear lifejacket, walk NOT run

Need-to-know items for Primary students

  1. Some boating terms - kinds, parts of boats

  2. Safety equipment for a small boat and safety procedures before leaving dock

  3. Navigation - rules of the road, buoys, lights, signals

  4. Emergency procedures - distress signals, overboard drill, hypothermia, use of radio, Mayday

  5. Weather - clouds, waves, winds ,currents, tides

  6. Safe refueling rules

  7. Knots

  8. Introduction to charts, compass

Enrichment Activities

  1. Science experiments

  2. Nautical terminology - in Glossary

  3. Boating stories - see Bibliography

  4. Weather lore

  5. More detailed chart work

  6. More difficult knots


Sarnia Power & Sail Squadron is a unit of

Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance

national web site: www.cps-ecp.ca

Our Pennant showing our location within the Great Lakes Region.

Western Ontario District

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